“This is a very honest and accurate book about Bob Seger…it is really well done, not only documented properly, but the photographs are phenomenal…I really appreciate the hard work that was put into this book…this is the first and only complete Bob Seger biography…if you know Bob Seger enough, you know why it’s the first one…Seger’s got five different lives and this book covers ‘em all…the author did his homework, there’s no question about it…” ==Doug Podell, WLLZ 106.7 FM and iHeart radio interview with Edward Sarkis Balian, author of Turn the Page, The Bob Seger Story, August 21, 2019


Review of “TURN the PAGE, The Bob Seger Story” Review by Kim Maki, Editor, Detroit Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine: 5 STARS ***** Bob Seger never gave up on his dream. He had the stamina to take his music career all the way to an international audience. Based in Southeast Michigan, Bob has always kept a very low profile when not on tour. Not a lot of personal information released from his camp... So when I received the new (big, 280 pages!) biography on Bob "Turn the Page" by Dr. Edward Sarkis Balian my first thought was, "well this author had his work cut out for him!" Perhaps the toughest biography to write of all our Detroit Rock Heroes, in my opinion. This author an original Detroiter spent a great deal of time researching his subject and it was time well spent. Dr. Ed also had the stamina to delve into the life of a very quiet legend. He didn't go after salaciousness and drug addictions like other rock authors have done in the past. This book is about the man and his music. This is a gorgeous book. Fabulous in quality and fantastic photos documenting Bob's life. Tom Weschler contributes a lot of his famous rock photos too! A feel-good book for all of the classic rock fans! 5 stars! ***** (August 15, 2019) RetroKimmer/DetroitRocknRollMagazine.com Kim Maki retrokimmer@gmail.com retrokimmer.com detroit rock n roll magazine


If you like the music of Bob Seger, this is a MUST HAVE book! You get an in-depth look at Bob and his inspirations.   D.F., Encinitas, California

I enjoyed reading about Bob's struggles throughout the 60s and 70s....quite inspiring.   

=J.S., San Diego, California

What an amazing story of an amazing musician! Filled with the details behind the songs.  =L.S., Farmington Hills, Michigan

The only Seger biography out there. Great book.  =C.S., South Lyon, Michigan

Wow--great book! Lots of great details.  =H.B., Tucson, Arizona

Such an amazing story. I really like the rare color pictures as well.  =A.E., La Jolla, California

Veronica at the publishing company gives the best customer service on earth! (My order was lost in the mail.) I was overwhelmed with the personal service. No robots or keypads. A real human being to answer my questions.    =B.M., Watertown, New York